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UX / UI Design, Wireframes, Research, Website Design


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Squarespace


1 month

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The Fine Feathered Friends Foundation is a registered  501(c)3 non-profit pet bird rehoming and rescue facility located in El Segundo, California. The foundation rescues surrendered and homeless pet birds as well as adopt them out to their new families. While picking up two feathered friends of my own, I discussed with the foundation's director her concerns with her website - I, in return, offered my assistance in redesigning it!


The website was not accessible and responsive friendly; it was also unclear as to the type of birds the foundation accepts and adopts. Another concern was users experiencing difficulties in finding the foundation's contact information and form.


Redesign the website with correct hierarchal information and a responsive layout and display easy access to contact information and buttons that navigate to their contact form.

The Design Process

Researching Local Adoption Websites

How do they EASILY connect users to their agencies?

Fine Feathered Friends Foundation is a pet bird rescue with an inviting and informative personality the director sought to display through their website. During the meeting with the foundation's director, it was shared how the website needed to be more clear on the type of birds they take in and how they operate for potential adopters and bird relinquishers.

- How pet adoption agencies communicate their work and breeds they accept.

- How to organize a navigation header for an animal adoption website.

- Where to place the agency's contact info and form in convent places.


converting data into WIREFRAMES

After researching and collecting inspiration from various pet adoption websites, I complied designs based on the strengths of those websites. The techniques I have implemented from my inspiration included: placing a contact button at the top of each page where the content below discussed adoption and what the foundation is about to create easy access for users to connect. I also placed “Adopt” as the first navigation link so users can immediately see what birds our foundation cares for and that are available.

home page
adopt page
what we do
Our Mission
meet rainbow
about our logo
new navigation
contact us

Important New Features

Wild bird resources page

Another vital feature added to the website is the new Wild Bird Resources page. The original homepage displayed wild bird rescue resources, however the placement was not intuitive for users and left an impression that the foundation also specializes in wild birds. I decided to create a separate page and include it in the top navigation bar so the information is still available yet separated from the focus of the foundation- which is pet birds.

New UI Guide

The Transformation

Before & After
Orginal home desktop
new home desktop
home tablet
home mobile
Original Our Mission
New Our Mission Desktop
Our Mission tablet
Our Mission Mobile
Original What We Do
New What We Do desktop
What We Do tablet
What We Do Mobile
Original Contact Us
New Contact Us desktop
Contact Us Tablet
Contact Us Mobile

What I Learned

The impact of responsive websites

Working on this project reiterated the importance of responsiveness is to a website - especially for one that is as vital as a pet rescue. After altering the website's structure and increasing its visibility through SEO, I discovered the analytics results showing an increase in mobile users. In tandem with the influx of mobile users, there was also a rise in visits, button selecting, and form submissions! I also received feedback from the foundation's director telling me how she's accepted and adopted out more birds since I've published the newly designed website. The director, myself, and I'm sure the birds were pleased with the results from the new designs.

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