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UX / UI Design, Research, Interviewing, Wireframing, Testing, Prototyping


Marvel, Adobe XD, Photoshop


9 months

Latest prototype
Experience Prototype


The thriving U.S tv & film industry supports up to 2.1 million jobs annually; however, it can take years for film workers to find career stability due to a lack of industry contacts and insufficient skills in their specific trade.


Film industry professionals struggle to achieve their career goals due to the difficulty in finding reputable content relevant to their skills and experiences and connecting with reliable industry contacts.


We Cine will achieve in assisting its users to reach their career goals and establish a supportive community of film industry professionals by providing career mentorship services, film career advice content, and chat forums for film industry professionals.

The Design Process

Grasping Film Industry Issues & Understanding Users


My user participants were derived from my inner circle of my previous film industry colleagues and film school classmates.


Skype & QuickTime Player

Read Interviews Here

• To understand where film professionals go for industry information and career advice, as well as why.

• To receive insight on how my target users are working on attaining their career goals and how my app will help them achieve that.

• To understand what each film discipline’s community is like and how I can support those communities in my app.

User Personas & Journeys

converting data into people

After gathering my documentation from my user interviews, I created multiple user personas, one of them being Sarah Stevens. Like most young professionals in the film industry, Sarah is committed to becoming a unionized professional in entertainment.

sarah's problem

Sarah currently feels ill-equipped to perform higher roles besides production assisting.


Connect Sarah with others in similar situations to gain insight into becoming a better on-set costumer, resulting in her receiving union days.

Sarah's Flow

From point a to point b

Below is the flow of Sarah searching for content written by individuals who are experiencing similar on-set work issues. Her tasks are to comment and post. This flow includes her thoughts and emotions along the way.


Low Fidelity / Mid Fidelity/ High Fidelity WireFrames & Prototypes

After compiling my research and flows, I constructed low-fidelity wireframes to help users carry out their desired tasks. The wireframes below reflect the flow of Sarah’s comment and post-task.

Low fidelity wireframes - comment on a post
Explore Prototype
Low fidelity wireframes - post a discussion
Explore Prototype Here
Mid fidelity wireframes - comment on a post
Explore Prototype Here
Mid fidelity wireframes - post A Discussion
Explore Prototype Here
High fidelity wireframes - comment on a post
Interact With Prototype Here
high fidelity wireframes - post a discussion
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Usability Testing For We Work Film (We Cine)


Six moderated remote usability tests were conducted to evaluate the user experience of the high fidelity prototype of We Work Film. All six users were currently employed in the film and t.v. industries specializing in various disciplines.


• To determine whether the purpose & concept of We Work Film is clear to first-time users.

• To evaluate the app’s learnability and understand if the users can accomplish the primary tasks effortlessly.

• To confirm the needs of the app’s target users are met while using the app.

common occurrences across user tests

• Most participants skipped onboarding due to the short synopsis they received from my introduction to the prototype.

• A minority of users shared that the app’s name “We Work” is used by another company.

• Throughout the test sessions, I witnessed smooth navigation by most of my participants; a majority could complete the tasks given without my assistance. 

Read The Full User Feedback Here

Improvements Made Based on Test Results

problem- app name

The name “We Work” is used by a large real estate company.


I chose to keep WE to emphasize the communal aspect of the app and film industry and CINE for its meaning of cinematography.

problem - community

Community topics were not specific nor organized.


Change Community Topics to a specified community concerning a film / t.v. industry’s discipline and location. For example, a community for costume designers in Los Angeles, CA, could be “Costume Designers / L.A.”

Emotional Redesign for User Engagement

Designing a memorablbe experience

Based on Don Norman’s book “Emotional Design,” I dove further into design improvements and ventured towards the visceral aspect of user engagement and experience. The goal of focusing on a visceral redesign was to make a memorable first experience for each new user and keep it visually interesting for returning users.

Visceral Design - Using Color Strategically

• I changed the splash screen into a bright and inviting display.

• I implemented a yellow and blue gradient because of the positive energy connected to yellow and blues calming nature.

• The updated color choices follow the IOS iPhone dark mode standards.

Visceral Design - Delightful Animations

• To keep users engage during onboarding, I designed an animated explanation of the app’s features.

• In addition, I chose to keep the dark background to prepare the users for the app’s dark mode interface and cause attention to the contrasting illustrations.

Updated Design


This revise prototype includes new navigation and design based on user feedback and Don Norman’s “Three Levels of Design.” In addition, this iteration reinforces a dark mode theme by simplifying the color selection, better font readability, animations, and color as accents for user attention.

Experience Prototype

UI Styleguide

Fine-tuning for Accessibility

implementing an inclusive design

WCAG 1.4.6: Contrast (Enhanced)


The text in the text box and card had poor contrast, making it ineligible for those.


I increased the percentage of translucence in the text box from 65% to 70% for better legibility.

accessibility menu


Unfortunately, I did not include an accessibility menu, leaving out interested individuals and those who work in entertainment and require visual and audio assistance to enjoy the app’s content.


An implementation of an accessibility option in the app’s menu now allows users to increase text size, text space and enable a screen reader.

WCAG 1.4.12: Text Spacing


My -16AV tracking did not meet the success criterion of the WCAG standards. However, the line spacing met the accessibility standard.


I have redesigned the default line spacing to 0.12x the text within the app. I also added the option for users to increase the app’s text spacing from 25% to 100% for better accessibility.

Latest Prototype

Expierence the latest we cine app prototype - v2
Experience Prototype

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